About Us

About Us

Packaging Horizons Corporation

printed filmPackaging Horizons Corporation is the manufacturer of Alert Security Bags with tamper evident security features. Our products are manufactured in the USA and sold worldwide through our website. Please consider the advantages of a direct manufacturing relationship.

Packaging Horizons was founded in 1974 as a manufacturer of polyethylene bags. The Company has developed into a multi-process converter with a current focus on specialized tamper evident security packaging.


Our modern manufacturing facility includes equipment for flexographic printing, film slitting and folding, and specialized security bag manufacturing. This facility also serves as the distribution point for Alert Security Bags.

Packaging Horizons Corp. is a pioneer in the development of tamper evident security packaging. In addition to manufacturing Alert Security Bags, the Company prints a variety of security overwrap films with applications in pharmaceutical, medical, and food packaging.


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Email:  Service@AlertSecurityProducts.com

Telephone: 888-467-1916 (U.S. & Canada)

Fax: 610-559-3900