Tamper Evident Technology and Security Features

Tamper Evident Technology and Security Features

Industry Leading Tamper Evident Technology

Alert Security Products are manufactured with industry leading security features to ensure your sensitive assets are secure through each stage of the chain of custody. 

Tamper Evident Void Seal Technology

Tamper Evident Seal Technology - Alert Security Products

The Alert Security Seal Closure is engineered to provide a strong adhesion to prevent opening. This adhesive closure system offers maximum security protection with multiple tampering indicators including a color change and “Alert/Void” visual imprints when the seal has been tampered with. Our security bags with tamper evident technology give you the ability to quickly identify issues in your chain of custody and discourages attempts to tamper with the contents of each bag.

Continuous Bag on Roll Design

The unique Alert Continuous Security roll format provides additional advantages as it maintains a sequentially numbered stream of serial numbers for each Alert Security Bag in numerical order. A single continuous roll of bags with perforations for easy access to individual bags is a valuable tool for coordinating and maintaining multiple samples in chronological order.

Write-On Information Block

Many of our products also feature an easy-to-write-on information block to allow you and your team members to easily catalog what is collected within each bag for future reference.

Tamper Evident Technology and Security Features - Alert Security Products